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Revo iBlik RadioStation

$360.00 Released July, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Surprisingly good sound from the built-in speaker. Design - unique, 'etched' speaker grille on the unit's top.

The Cons:Power failure means having to re-input connection settings. The sleep function doesn't work at all. Doesn't support m4a audio files from iTunes.

The Revo iBlik RadioStation is a Wi-Fi radio capable of receiving DAB and DAB+ digital radio, internet radio and conventional FM broadcasts for a total of over 11,000 stations. An alarm clock with four separate alarm memories is also featured with the ability to use DAB radio, internet radio, buzzer, or FM radio to wake you up.

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Product Shot 2 Sleep timer and user definable snooze function is also included as well as a compact remote control.  A fully controllable iPod dock with charging is located on top and streaming music from your computer is supported.


  • High sensitivity DAB and DAB+ digital radio
  • Wi-Fi internet radio
  • FM radio reception with RDS
  • Access to over 11,000 internet radio stations
  • Stream music from your PC or MAC
  • Digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze
  • Eight programmable station presets
  • iPod dock with a selection of dock adapters for most models of iPod
  • Remote control
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Stereo RCA line-out connectors
  • No tuning – select by station name
  • M-Port cable (to connect MP3 players to iBLIK)

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    Surprisingly good sound from the built-in speaker.

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    design - unique, 'etched' speaker grille on the unit's top

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    Power failure means having to re-input connection settings.

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    the sleep function doesn't work at all

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    doesn't support m4a audio files from iTunes

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    many of the features are difficult to setup and cumbersome to use

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    lacks any kind of audio adjustments (treble, bass) on the unit itself

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    uses a mono speaker - users will have to buy external speakers for stereo sound

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    LCD screen - small, and too bright in darkened rooms

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    lacks AM radio reception

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tjdewalt: #revo_iblik_radiostation I purchased this unit, because it is supposed to have all the functions you wish for: ipod docking station, FM receiver, DAB radio, WiFi, plays music from your home network and it has an alarm.

Nice features, but when it comes to usability it simply doesn't do what it is supposed to. Too many of the features don't work properly. Here are the things i don't like about the Revo iblik radiostation:

- Clock: Setting clock has to be done manually. It should be working automatically by synching to your network. When you unplug it for any reason, you have to reset everything. The clock has no extra battery or anything.

- Alarm: Doens't go off when you set the function to anything else but the funciton you want your alarm to use to wake you up. e.g. you want the WiFi radio to wake you but you have set it to ipod before going to sleep. It simply doesn't wake you in the morning! And since the clock has no extra battery, you'd have to use a back up alarm, just in case of a power failure over night or anything like that.

- Sleep: function simply doesn't work!

- Remote: you have to point right at the receiver from very close by! you might as well not have it.

- Play music for network: doesn't support 4ma files (apple's itunes). They said it might do so with the next software update...

- Display: too bright to have it on at night. I have to shove the unit under my bed to avoid my room to be too bright at night. It's also not quite as userfriendly as you'd like.

Bottom line: don't buy this unit if you are looking for a combination of all the features. It simply isn't good enough to spent your money on. Dec 11, 08
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