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Tivoli NetWorks Stereo Radio

$700.00 Released July, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Matching speaker included (at additional cost). Available in walnut or cherry. Includes an easy to use remote control.

The Cons:Expensive. Basic screen. Wood finish is not that aesthetically pleasing.

The Tivoli NetWorks Stereo Radio is a Wi-Fi DAB(Digital Audio Broadcast) Internet radio capable of broadcasting radio stations via a wireless broadband router.  Unlike it's predecessor the Tivoli NetWorks, the NetWorks Stereo comes with two speaker cabinets instead of one, with the controls located on the left speaker.

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A computer is not needed if you have just the router but if you have a computer you can wirelessly stream music from it to the NetWorks radio as well. You can search stations by name, genre and country and also use the included remote control. Other features include a USB port for connecting MP3 players and separate subwoofer/line/recording outputs. Like the original NetWorks, a selection of custom wood grain cabinets is available.


  • Two speaker cabinets for stereo sound reproduction
  • DAB radio reception
  • Wi-Fi receptivity
  • Stream music from your computer
  • USB port for connecting portable music players, which can function as sources controlled by the NetWorks
  • Line input
  • Line output
  • Subwoofer output
  • Record output
  • Remote control
  • MP3, Real Audio, WMA compatible

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    matching speaker included (at additional cost)

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    available in walnut or cherry

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    includes an easy to use remote control

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    sound great for passive listening and use as an alarm clock

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    can stream internet radio or files directly off a networked PC

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    speakers are free to be positioned as one likes (improves stereo imaging)

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    FM radio included (at additional cost)

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    basic screen

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    wood finish is not that aesthetically pleasing

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    bass is limited by such small speakers (includes a sub out for use with a subwoofer)

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    no digital out

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    doesn't pick up AM

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    no battery backup

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Yale: #tivoli_networks_stereo_radio

I got to play with this product a bit, without the second speaker. A little too rich for my blood, especially because I don't think the value is there compared to the Squeezebox Boom. Either way, both lose major points for me by not having digital outputs, and the Tivoli loses even more for not having a battery backup (as far as I know). I want a quality alarm clock unit with the ability to be a digital transport for use with higher quality components and speakers/headphones. Seems like it's not in the business interests of Slim Devices, and it's too much to ask for from anyone else.

Apr 10, 09
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