Vestax PDX-2000 MKll Pro

Improved to make it easier for beat matching and performance play, this new platter has been lowered to a height of 7mm high and has been given a flatter edge surface. The slip mat slips better thanks to the 6 canals on the topside off the platter.

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Tone Arm with Dynamic Balance technology. This tone arm just will not skip. Almost allowing a glued-on feature, your needle will seem skip-proof to the vinyl. The technology was incorporated to the PRO series PDXs to further strengthen the already fail proof Vestax PDX tonearms. The Dynamic Balance tone arms have a spring loaded weight system that allows you to freely adjust the tonearm to your preference of weight and balance. Make sure you to test it out at your nearest Vestax st
  • Motor : Direct Drive Dc Motor
  • Starting Torque : Max. continuous acceleration torque 4.7 kg/cm - Constant speed torque 2.7kg/cm
  • Starting Time : 0.5sec (33 1/3 rpm) 70??
  • WOW Flatter : 0.07% W.R.M.
  • Tone Arm : Anti Skipping Tone arm System
  • Dynamic Balance technology
  • Measurement/ Weight : 454(W)x 150(H)x 375(D)mm / 9.5kg
  • Power : AC 100V, 50/60Hz
  • Electricity Consumption : 40W

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